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Javier: Über uns


Luzie Nehls-Neuhaus studied fashion design from 2012-2016 in Hannover and costume design at the Hochschule Hannover from 2016-2020. She took part at the exhibition “Prinzessinen D(io)ramen after Elfride Jelinek” in 2017. “The Egg”, a performance instillation created in 2019 as part of a cooperation with Nina Aufderheide and was presented at the Exhibition “Zukunft ist Chaos ist Zukunft”, in Hannover. She participated in the summer of 2019 at the Watermill Center program in New York.

Luzie worked as a costume Assistant for Yashi for the summer benefit Gala at the Open Day. From 2020- 2022 she was working as a costume assistant at Staatsoper Hannover. She is freelancing since 2022

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